Senior UX / UI Designer

carefully crafted digital products made with love & affection

I believe in collaborative, human-centered design. Every day I work with amazing teams creating the next disruptive technology or service.

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One of my favorite verticals, ecommerce is the most well researched design pattern in the world. I love that small design changes can have a huge, immediate impact on revenue and conversion.

Internal and consumer facing

Great design doesn't have to be for customers only. Well-designed internal-facing applications that helps employees work more efficiently allowing them to address the needs of their clients and customers? That's a win for everybody!

It's important to understand the real needs of your users

Salesforce Lightning and Velocity design experience

Taking advantage of the Salesforce platform to create useful solutionsfor both internal and end users.

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Available Spring 2023

salesforce ux/ui

The Salesforce platform has some amazing tools to help businesses connect and engage with their customers and internal users. The need for competent UX/UI designers and strategists has grown alongside the Salesforce platform. Up to now, there hasn't been a resource available to help designers understand the capabilities and best practices of the various Salesforce products. This book is for designers new to designing for Salesforce and veterans who'd like an end-to-end resource for their design work.

“I can't believe this book doesn't already exist! It's clearly written by a designer for a designer. It's not bogged down by technical jargon. I can see this book given to every designer starting a Salesforce project when they're hired.”~ Houssam ChehadiCEO at EastWard45
  • Create Salesforce-compliant designs for all the major Salesforce products
  • Help clients understand the benefits of using native Salesforce capabilities vs custom implementations
  • A look at the tools and plugins available to designers to help design solutions
  • Utilize the latest best practices for many Salesforce platforms including:
    • Lightning Design Systems
    • Customer360
    • Experience Cloud
    • Vlocity
    • Service Cloud
    • more...

Available Fall 2023

persuasive design patterns for ecommerce

Persuasion (leveraging emotion and trust) is a critical factor for creating successful ecommerce interactions. While traditional user-centered ecomm design focuses on designing for usability and minor conversions, it is now essential to use psychological strategies to motivate potential customers to make decisions that lead to a significant increase in immediate and long-term conversions.

“This is incredibly important work that, if done correctly, with proper diligence and ethics, can open up entirely new ways of thinking about business and ecommerce strategy. This book properly refines what User Experience means. Organizations that do not adopt at least some of these principles will be left behind in very short order.”~ Basil ClevelandEVP Shorelight Education
  • Create designs that motivate specific actions and align with measurable business goals
  • Increase customer conversion, loyalty, and adoption
  • Test and measure the emotional impact and credibility of your website
  • Research and user analysis with concrete deliverables, including: personas, persuasion flow diagrams, emotion maps, strategies, and trust scorecards
  • Utilize the latest psyhological research on persuasion techniques including:
    • Amplification Hypothesis
    • Conversion Theory
    • Information Manipulation Theory
    • Priming
    • Reciprocity Norm
    • Scarcity Principle
    • Sleeper Effect
    • Social Influence
    • Yale Attitude Change Approach
    • Ultimate Terms